Mason Jar Wine Glasses – No-Brainer Gift Ideas!

Mason jar wine glasses, also known as “redneck wine glasses,” are still a pretty hot item for gift ideas! How many people do you know who have them?

If you’re buying a gift for someone, you want to make sure of two things: they haven’t got it already and they are going to appreciate it.

Mason jar wine glasses are the no-brainer gift idea, right?

Mason Jar Wine Glasses Look Great on Display!

Now I’m willing to wager a good ol’ drop of the finest moonshine that there aren’t many people who have “redneck” mason jar wine glasses in their curio cabinet.

I’m telling you that if you furnish your man (or best buddy) with one of these beauties you’re going to make him happy, have plenty to talk about and, what’s more, it’ll be harder for him to spill his beverage than to keep it in the glass.

And if he likes sports, well … even better!

So What Are Mason Jar Wine Glasses Anyway?

You’re familiar with the good ol’ mason jar, right? It’s those glass jars with screw-top lids and rubber seals.

John Landis Mason patented them back in the 1800s and little did he know (bless his beard) what was going to become of them.

Originally used for preserving food, these jars are now a whole new industry – mason jar crafts. Now you’ll find mason jars used for everything from vases and pencil holders to spice racks and lights.

We happen to think we’re pretty good with the ol’ mason jar crafts, and our range of mason jar lights are definitely worth a look.

But back to them there redneck wine glasses. As you might have guessed by now, they’re wine glasses with a mason jar on top – mason jar wine glasses!

Why You Just Can’t Lose With Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glasses

OK, I’m going to break it down real simple!

  1. First of all, when your guy or best buddy opens his present, he’s gonna say, ‘Wow, I ain’t seen one of these before, let’s get some of yer finest wine in one of these here redneck glasses.’
  2. Of course, if he’s an Astros or Rangers fan, and you’ve customized his glass in the team’s colors, you’re already his favorite person ever.
  3. Then as he downs a first draught he’ll hear a little rattle; that’ll be the bullets we’ve hidden away in the stem. That’s bound to get the guys laughing and joking well into the night.

And then, when the revelry reaches late into the night, and yer all losing control of yer faculties, those practical mason jar lids prevent any messy spillages on your fine bear skin rug.

Where Can I Get Me Some Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glasses?

Why, right on this here site you can! I make ’em myself! Just click on this image below!

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