Mason Jar Gifts or Gifts in a Jar


Mason jar gifts, or what some people call “gifts in a jar,” are anything you can imagine being made with a mason jar.

And we’re not just talking Christmas either.

Mason jars can be the base of gift ideas for any of these and more!

  • anniversaries
  • birthdays
  • christenings
  • get well
  • graduations
  • holidays
  • housewarmings
  • showers
  • welcome home gifts
  • or even a ‘just because’ gift for someone special.

Mason jars are really a hot trend right now for anything from cookie mixes in jars to wedding centerpieces made with mason jars.


Favorite Sports Teams-Show Your Loyalty


A lot of sports enthusiasts have favorite sports teams in different types of games. And not all sports fans stick with their own state when it comes to picking their favorite sports teams.

For example, in football, you might like the Philadelphia Eagles but in hockey, you might like the New Jersey Devils, and you might have even a different state for baseball.


Mason Jar Wine Glasses – No-Brainer Gift Ideas!


Mason jar wine glasses, also known as “redneck wine glasses,” are still a pretty hot item for gift ideas! How many people do you know who have them?

If you’re buying a gift for someone, you want to make sure of two things: they haven’t got it already and they are going to appreciate it.

Mason jar wine glasses are the no-brainer gift idea, right?

Mason Jar Wine Glasses Look Great on Display!

Now I’m willing to wager a good ol’ drop of the finest moonshine that there aren’t many people who have “redneck” mason jar wine glasses in their curio cabinet.