About Me and Jim’s Custom Lighting

jim-youtubeHi, my name is Jim Musselman, owner of Jim’s Custom Lighting, lighted wine bottles, lighted mason jars, and a variety of custom lighting concepts for your home.

I started making lighted wine bottles a few years ago and after going to a few craft shows I noticed that no one was making lighted bottles with a sports theme.

And since sports items always seem to be a favorite with just about everyone wanting to give craft gifts, I decided to start customizing our wine bottles with NFL themes. From there, I launched the line of college sports themes and NHL teams.

I was in my garage one day working and noticed I had almost a whole case of empty mason jars just sitting there and I thought, well, I can put holes and lights in mason jars just as easily as wine bottles, so let’s try a couple. At the next craft show, I sold more mason jars than wine bottles!

A couple of women stopped by our booth and commented how they’d never seen mason jars with the lights in them and how mason jars would make such cute night lights for their kids’ rooms. After selling a couple of custom Disney jars, I decided to start making more mason jars too.

In 2014 I started creating custom lighting crafts using wood, metal and other lighting fixtures, and adapting them to fit mason jars. The response has been awesome!

I’ve always enjoyed doing crafty things and my kids have always enjoyed helping. And it’s even more fun when you give craft gifts that no one’s expecting and it’s something that no one else has. We’re coming up with more decorating ideas for our lights and jars too, so be sure to keep stopping back to see what’s new!

Thanks for stopping by!