Decorating with Mason Jars

Create an Air of Rustic Sophistication to Any Room or for Any Event

If you’re looking for a way to add some sparkle and class to your room, try decorating with mason jars. Glass mason jars are a perfect addition to any room, and they can be used for anything from wine glasses to lighting fixtures.

Whether you’re decorating for a special occasion or you just want a rustic, down-home feel every day, these versatile jars will come in handy!

Ideas for Decorating with Mason Jars Around the House

Mason Jar Wine Glasses

Often called “redneck” wine glasses, in the right setting and with the right accessories, they’re anything but “redneck.”

Keep a few of these unique mason jar stemware glasses sitting on your dining room table or show them off on a display shelf anywhere in your home.

For a party, you can add wine glass charms to the stems or wrap the jar itself in a decorative cover to match your d├ęcor or to match the theme of a party.

If you’re giving them as gifts to your bridal party, you can have them etched with “Groomsman,” “Bridesmaid,” “Flower Girl,” and “Ring Bearer.” Or get even more personalized by adding first names to the glasses.

You can add special accents to the glasses for the bride and groom to use with their first toast together as husband and wife.

Wall-Mounted Accent Lighting for Your Room

It’s easy to start decorating with mason jars around your home. Every room needs some lighting, right?

Whether you’re looking for wall sconces or other lighting fixtures, mason jars can be mounted on any type of fixture and mounted on the walls.

If you’re looking for a charming, rustic feel, mount the jars on a piece of real wood.

For something more sophisticated and delicate, you can use chrome or another metal-type fixture.

The brightness of the light will depend on the wattage of the bulb you use, and if you decide to go with clear glass or one of the green or vintage blue mason jars.

Elegant Chandeliers with Rope or Chains

Decorating with mason jars can have an elegant look and feel, too. There are a couple of ways to create hanging lights with mason jars.

And for a more rustic or “shabby chic” feel, you can mount two or three jars to a piece of wood that hangs from a ceiling mount with rope.

Get more creative.

Design a chandelier that will fit into the most sophisticated room by stringing a couple of jars together and hang them from a ceiling mount using a gold-tone chain.

Decorating with Mason Jars for the Holidays

Fill a couple of mason jars with all-white Christmas “fairy” lights.

And since all-white lights can be dipped in craft paint, you can have any color lighting as an accent lamp that goes perfectly with your color scheme.

Mason jars come in different sizes, from smaller than a pint to over a quart, in narrow or wide-mouth styles, so they fit in just about anywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom!

Decorating with mason jars in any type of room, whether modern, retro, rustic, country or shabby chic, is so easy when you start with these fun and adaptable pieces of glassware.

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